Maintenance Tips

Get Smart!

Read below our tips to keep your loved Durban’s life last longer!

Our first tip is to read the manual! Manuals may seem boring but they contain important information for the conservation of your bike and your safety and comfort.

It is very important that you make an initial adjust and periodic maintenance of your bicycle in a professional mechanic. A well-fitted bike means safety and comfort for you.

Follow these tips to extend the life of your bicycle:

Cleaning Tips

Whenever ride in places with mud, salt spray (beach), or heavy rain is necessary to clean your bike.

Never wash the bike with kerosene or other solvent, which can penetrate while removing the internal grease of the bearings.

Wash your bicycle with water, mild soap and a soft sponge. Rinse and dry with soft cloth. After cleaning lubricate the bike again.

Conservation Painting

Touch up damaged paint immediately to prevent corrosion. If you do not find a paint color that matches, use a nail polish with a similar color or a transparent basis.

A wax cover helps keep your bike clean. Use liquid automotive wax to it.

If you carry a lock, do not let them just hanging on the handlebars or twist the saddle seatpost; they will swing while pedaling and it can damage the paint. Use an appropriate support or load them in your backpack.

Tires Conservation

Before riding, check that the tires are calibrated (the ideal pressure is marked on the tire sidewall). Walking with empty tires may damage the rim, the tube and to the tire.


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