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Is assembly required when my bicycle arrives?

Your Durban bike will arrive fully assembled! However, we highly recommend that you take
your bike to your local bike shop for a tune up prior to riding. They’ll be able to adjust the bike
according to your preferences.

What can I do about a latch that is too difficult to shut, or too lose?

The latch on your Durban bike can be easily adjusted using the 9mm wrench that comes in your box. Please check out the videos on the “Support” tab of our website for video tutorials on how to adjust your latch at home.

How do I fold and unfold my bicycle?

Your bike can be folded or unfolded in four easy steps! Check out your bike’s manual on the “Support” tab of our website for detailed instructions including a visual guide.

How do I register my bike for warranty, and what does my warranty cover?

You can register your bike for warranty by filling out the registration form on the “Warranty” tab of our website. Durban Bikes covers all workmanship and manufacturing defects within one year of purchase.

Where can I get repairs made on my bicycle?

Durban does not have a list of authorized bike shops. We encourage you to take your bike to your local bike shop for any repairs!

What are the recommended height and weight for riders?

The recommended rider height is 4’8” – 6’3”, and the maximum rider weight is 210lbs.

Where can I find the serial number on my bike?

The serial number on your bike is located on the frame near the crank. Here’s a diagram:



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